Early 19th Century Japanese Inro Watch in Silver Case

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Early 19th Century Japanese Inro Watch in Silver Case
Inv. #: g148

A very rare Japanese inro watch in an engraved silver case.


The decorative asymetrical silver case is suspended from a cord with a bead work netsuke and cast bead ojime. It incorporates several decorative elements including the bamboo plant, scrolls, clouds, passion flowers, turtles and a maru-ni-tsuta mon on the back, The interior of the top includes a compartment for the key.


The dial has adjustable silvered engraved characters which represent the time as indicated by a wonderful steel cut hand. The characters are two sequences of nine to four with the zodiac symbols used for the nine to represent noon and midnight.


The one-day fusee movement has turned solid wheels, a verge escapement with a two spoke flat brass balance, is engraved on the front, back and top and has finely turned steel posts and screws.


In Japan turtles symbolize longevity, good luck, and support.


The silver case and kamon, represented by a maru-ni-tsuta mon, indicate the piece was made for someone of relative wealth and substance.

Size: Height of Movement: 2.75in.
Height of case: 3in.

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