c.1760 French Ormolu Cartel Clock

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c.1760 French Ormolu Cartel Clock
Inv. #: p68

Nepveu à Paris


A large Louis XV French ormolu cartel clock by Nepveu à Paris. The lavishly adorned, well-cast and finished ormolu case has two putti amongst the C-scrolls, flower sprays and scrolling foliage. To the sides and front are set engraved floral fabric backed frets.


The large one-piece porcelain dial with black lettering has a cast and molded glazed bezel, Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the five-minute marks, is signed by the maker, ‘NEPVEU A PARIS’, and has two well cast and engraved ormolu hands.


The large square time and strike eight-day movement has chamfered corners, a large star countwheel and a torsioned hammer that strikes a bell mounted above. The escapement had been updated and converted during the Victorian era and now has a Brocot style suspension that is regulated out the dial for Fast/Slow.


French cartel clocks were extremely popular during both the Louis XV and Louis XVI periods. The sizes ranged from very small time-only Boudoir pieces to large imposing examples.


Tardy’s listings for Nepveu range from 1759-1830.

Size: 32 in.
Retail Price: $ 7500.

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