c.1800 French Ormolu Mantle Clock Surmounted by Cupid.

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c.1800 French Ormolu Mantle Clock Surmounted by Cupid.
Inv. #: DF72

Duflos á Paris.


A very nice porcelain dial with Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the fifteen-minute marks, elaborate ormolu hands and an equally elaborate signature, ‘Duflos á Paris’.


A large eight-day time and strike movement with an anchor escapement, countwheel striking and a decorative crutch with a screwed beat adjustment. The extremely well-made pendulum is suspended via a knife-edge that rides in a decorative track and adjusts for fast/slow by a knurled knob out the top.


The scene at the top with cupid and the dog symbolizes fidelity.

Louis Jacques Duflos is listed as becoming a Master in 1789 and moving to Saint Martin, Paris in 1789 where he is listed as working until 1840. This piece is noteworthy because of the high standards of both the decorative and technical aspects.

Size: 22 in.
Retail Price: SOLD

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