c.1800 French Ormolu and Patinated Travel Clock.

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c.1800 French Ormolu and Patinated Travel Clock.
Inv. #: p139

The patinated rectilinear case has numerous ormolu mounts that include textured decorative appliques to the front, burnished frames at the front and the glazed sides, a molded top, a hinged handle above and four decorative feet.


The finely lettered white porcelain dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the ’15’ minute marks, finely cast ormolu hands, a steel alarm hand that is set against a quarter’s chapter, a hinged ormolu bezel and is signed ‘ a Paris’.


The flat bottom eight day twin barrel movement has countwheel striking on a bell and a strike/silent lever out the case side. The pendulum is hung on the original silk thread suspension with the fast/slow out the front and could be locked down for transport. The alarm is loaded by pull-cord, is set on the dial and strikes the bell with a double sided hammer.


A predecessor to the carriage clock, this rare form exemplifies the exceptional quality found during the Empire period.

Size: 9.25 in. high.
6.125 in. wide.
Retail Price: sold

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