c.1815 French Mahogany Table Regulator

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c.1815 French Mahogany Table Regulator
Inv. #: P130

Vuidepot à Paris


The well-proportioned rectangular brass-bound glazed case has warm toned mahogany veneer, a molded top and bottom and a hinged ormolu engine-turned bezel.


The finely-lettered porcelain dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the fifteen-minute marks, cast ormolu hands and is signed by the maker, ‘Vuidepot à Paris’.


The eight-day time and strike movement has a pinwheel escapement, a grid-iron pendulum hung from a steel suspension, a screwed beat adjustment on the crutch and strikes on a bell.


Today’s lists Vuidepot as working in 1812

Size: 16.5 in.

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