c.1815 Large French Ormolu, Patinated and Marble Mantle Clock

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c.1815 Large French Ormolu, Patinated and Marble Mantle Clock
Inv. #: P134

Lesieur a Paris


The substantial well-cast and finished patinated bronze and ormolu mantle clock depicts a seated figure of Erato clad in flowing drapery and playing an ormolu lyre, has numerous decorative mounts including winged griffins and muses, is surmounted by a bust of Homer and is supported by a variegated verde antico marble and ormolu base that is adorned with several appliques representing the arts.


The fine white porcelain dial has black Roman numerals for the hours, Breguet-style steel-cut hands and is signed by the maker, ‘Lesieur a Paris’.


The eight-day time and strike movement has the fast slow out the front, count-wheel striking on a bell and still retains the original silk-thread suspension.


Lesieur is listed as working at Rue de la Verrerie from 1812-1850.

Erato was the muse of lyric and love poetry and was a favorite theme for such bronzers as Thomire and Galle.

Homer is considered the father of epic poetry.

Size: 24 in.
Retail Price: $15,000.

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