c.1820 French Keyhole Skeleton Clock.

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c.1820 French Keyhole Skeleton Clock.
Inv. #: p168

An early 19th century French weight-driven keyhole skeleton clock with an ormolu frame, delicate gear work and marble base.


The finely lettered white porcelain chapter ring dial has inner and outer cast ormolu bezels, cast ormolu hands, black Arabic numbers for the hours and Arabic 15-minute marks.


The shaped ormolu frame supports the two thin vertical movement plates. The particularly finely cut vertically oriented gear work incorporates wolf tooth teeth, lantern pinions, double weights, and a single armed pinwheel escapement. The pendulum has a steel rod, brass lenticular bob, screwed beat adjustment and knife-edge escapement.


For more information on keyhole skeleton clocks see: ‘Continental and American Skeleton Clocks’, Derek Roberts, pg. 90.

Size: Height: 17 in.
Width 13 in.
Depth 5 in.
Retail Price: sold

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