c. 1820 Large Ormolu Urn Clock.

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c. 1820 Large Ormolu Urn Clock.
Inv. #: df32

Michelez à Paris


The finely lettered porcelain dial is signed ‘Michelez, Rue St. honore No. 128′ à Paris’ on the front, ‘Dub 849’ on the back, and has cast ormolu hands.


The eight-day two-train movement strikes on a bell, is of exceptional quality, and still retains its original silk-thread suspension.


Michelez was a student of Breguet and produced clocks which were of the highest quality. All of the clocks that we have seen by the maker have been superbly finished.

Michelez is listed as working at Rue St. Honore 1820-1830.

Size: 19in.
Retail Price: $ 9,200.

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