c. 1825 Small Viennese 30-Day Lanterdluhr Wall Clock.

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c. 1825 Small Viennese 30-Day Lanterdluhr Wall Clock.
Inv. #: G141

Joseph Jessner


The superbly proportioned flame mahogany case has satin wood edging, a slide off pediment hood, lift-out doors, veneered openings for the nine glass panes and brass hold-downs.


The large white porcelain dial has painted black Roman numerals for the hours, beetle and poker style hands, a finely cast ormolu bezel and is signed by the maker, ‘Joseph Jessner’.


The high quality 30-day weight-driven time only movement has an anchor escapement, maintaining power, a Geneva stop and is mounted to a wooden seatboard that is supported in the case by two cheeks mounted through the backboard. The pendulum has a steel rod, brass lenticular bob with a fast/slow rating nut below, is suspended by spring from a post off the backcock and adjusted for beat by a screwed adjustment on the crutch.


Joseph Jessner, noted for making high quality clocks, became a master in 1815.

Size: 40 in.
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