c.1840 English Ormolu Night Clock.

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c.1840 English Ormolu Night Clock.
Inv. #: e71

John Pace, Bury, St. Edmunds.  No.155


Rare c.1840 English ormolu Rococo-style night clock by John Pace of Bury St. Edmunds. The movement is housed in the base and engages the hands via a cord and pulley system. The top of the clock slides backwards so the candle can be lit and the case has openings top and bottom to control the airflow.


The heavy cast ormolu case is elaborately decorated with several decorative elements that include acanthus leaves and c-scrolls and is stamped 155 on the back.  It is plain to the sides and is surmounted by a cast oil lantern that sits atop a sliding peak. The rear door has a patented medallion for  Pace and is where the candle holder is affixed. The interior is designed to cast the most amount of light towards the dial.


The glass dial has a skeletonized hours chapter ring with Arabic numbers and has steel-cut hands.


The eight-day time-only single-fusee movement is housed in the base, powers the hands via a cord system, has a balance wheel escapement and it is adjusted and wound out the back of the case.


This system was patented by John Pace in 1833, Patent No. 6506.

We have a copy of the original patent.

Size: 10.75 in. high
10 in. wide

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