c.1840 French Engraved Gilt-Bronze Carriage Clock with Alarm.

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c.1840 French Engraved Gilt-Bronze Carriage Clock with Alarm.
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Paul Garnier, 1064.


The silvered engine-turned dial has black Roman numerals for the hours, two sub-dials with arbors marked Reveil and Aiguille, steel-cut Lepine-style hands, a steel pointer hand and is signed by the maker ‘Paul Garnier/Her Du Roi/Paris’.


The good quality eight-day movement has rack and snail striking on a bell, is stamped on the backplate ‘Paul Garnier/Her Du Roi/Paris’ and ‘PG Brevete’ and has an interesting lever escapement mounted above. The alarm is wound and set at the dial.


The case is stamped 1064 and 79. The front and top glasses are removable to wind and set.

Paul Garnier is commonly credited to have begun the carriage clock industry in France. He designed and made several series of case styles that are commonly referred to as Series I to IV. Although he adopted the rack form of striking early on, he still produced examples using countwheel striking throughout his career.


For additional information on Paul Garnier see:

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Size: 5.5in. (w/out handle)
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