c.1840 Rare Japanese Dual Time Bracket Clock.

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c.1840 Rare Japanese Dual Time Bracket Clock.
Inv. #: g144

The broken arch hardwood case has molded edges, a brass handle, engraved frets, glazed side windows and hinged front and back doors.


The large broken arch dial plate has an etched surface, engraved characters to the lower corner and apertures for the sexagenarian calendar. Above is the larger Japanese time dial that has a sunken center, a sliding alarm set, silvered adjustable temporal hours and a stationary steel-cut hand. Below is the silvered engraved western dial with Roman numerals for the hours and steel-cut hands.


The two train 2-day movement has brass plates and gear work, an alarm mounted between the plates that is wound out the dial and strikes the bell by a clapper, a crownwheel escapement, an elaborately engraved backplate and strikes the Japanese hours by countwheel on a bell mounted above.


Japanese dual time bracket clocks are extremely rare.

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