c.1850 French Table Regulator.

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c.1850 French Table Regulator.
Inv. #: p173

Paul Garnier, Her Du Roi, Paris.  Number 1918.

Spring  -Borel

Ebauche – Barome Delepine, St. Nicholas

Pendulum design – Franz Joseph Mahler


c.1850 French 30 day table regulator with a black marble base, pinwheel escapement and compensating pendulum by Paul Garnier.


The circular white porcelain dial has the seconds chapter around the outside edge, a subdial for the hours and minutes, steel-cut hour, minute and sweep second’s hands and is signed ‘Paul Garnier, Her Du Roi, Paris’.


The 30-day time-only movement has substantial plates, screwed and pinned posts, and is wound out the front. The backplate carries the finely cut pinwheel escapement, the time-set and is stamped ‘Paul Garnier, Her du Roi, Paris’. The half-second compensating pendulum is suspended by a spring suspension and swings against an engraved silvered register plate. The movement is mounted to the black marble case by two large steel screws with large brass knurled ends.


Spring inscribed ‘Borel, 184(?)’.

Dial, dial plate and the movement front plate all marked 1918′.




For additional information and images of a couple of similar examples see: Precision Pendulum Clocks’, Roberts, pg.103.

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