c.1851 English 30-day Tripod Clock

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c.1851 English 30-day Tripod Clock
Inv. #: e47

Thomas Cole, London, 886/9.


A very rare English Victorian Tripod Clock by the eminent maker Thomas Cole, no. 886/9. The polished case has a stepped circular base that stands on three hexagonal leveling nuts, three circular pillars and is surmounted by a plumb bob. The top of the base has superb floral engraving against a lined background that includes the makers name in a centered cartouche, ‘Thos Cole, London’, Cole’s pendulum lock, a barometer and a thermometer. If the clock has to be moved a short distance the two knurled nuts at the end of the locking bar are loosened and the entire bar lifts to capture the tip of the pendulum rod. The plumb above is used to set the clock vertical by adjusting the feet with the back end of the original numbered winding key. The base is also stamped underneath, ‘886’.

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