c.1855 Gilt-Bronze Series IV Carriage Clock.

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c.1855 Gilt-Bronze Series IV Carriage Clock.
Inv. #: f203

Paul Garnier, 2280.

Dent a Paris.


The simple multi-piece gilt-bronze Series IV case has chamfered corner columns, a shaped, hinged handle, beveled glasses to four sides, a solid back door with shuttered apertures for winding and setting, is stamped ‘2280’ along the bottom edge and has a wooden block in the base.


The white porcelain dial has bold, finely lettered Roman numerals for the hours, steel-cut tre-foil hands and is signed by the retailer, ‘Dent a Paris’.


The eight-day time and strike movement is wound and set off the back plate, has the repeat button through the viewing glass, a chaff-cutter escapement with a steel palet, strikes and repeats on a bell, is stamped ‘2280’ and carries the retailers stamp, ‘Dent a Paris’.


The chaff cutter escapement was first patented by Paul Garnier in 1830 who would often supply his high quality movements to other renowned Parisian clockmakers.

Size: 4 5/8in.

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