c.1860 French Two Day Mahogany Chronometer.

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c.1860 French Two Day Mahogany Chronometer.
Inv. #: e57

Simon Vissiere, Au Havre, No. 192


The mahogany three tier case has brass corners to the top, hinged handles to the side, a brass escutcheon and a round bone insert.


The small round white regulator style porcelain dial has Arabic numbers for the five-minute marks on the outside minute chapter, two subsidiary dials with Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numbers for the ten-second marks, an up/down indicator marked 0-49, steel-cut Breguet style hands and it is signed in the center ‘Vissiere, Au Havre, (Seine Infre), No.192’.


The two-day movement is housed in a weighted gimballed tub with a shutter back for winding, has screwed, turned posts, a bimetallic balance with adjustable timing and compensation weights, a conical hairspring, a detent escapement, a chain fusee and is engraved on the back, ‘Vissiere No. 192’.


The movement, dial and tub components are all numbered, ‘192’.

Simon Vissiere, 1822-1887, was a student of Winnerl. He was awarded a patent for a balance and specialized in magnetic influence on chronometers

Size: 6.625in. Square.
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