c.1862 Gilt-Bronze and Enameled Inkwell in Shape of Trunk.

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c.1862 Gilt-Bronze and Enameled Inkwell in Shape of Trunk.
Inv. #: g162

The gilt-bronze and enamel inkwell in the shape of a traveling trunk has a watch, candle and hinged compartments for the ink, stamps and matches.


The case, in the form of a trunk, has a nearly concealed hinge, blue enamel accents to the handles and buckles, hinged compartments for the ‘lights’, ‘ink’ and ‘stamps’, a hinged candle holder and a watch mounted under the lid.


The engine turned silvered dial has black lettered numerals for the hours, red dots for the 5-minute marks and steel-cut Fleur-de-lis hands.


The 30-hour watch movement is wound, set and regulated out the back and the arbors are accessed by releasing the catch.


The underside of the ‘ink’ cover has been eroded by whatever was in the glass ink jar. The dedication is mostly there and the legible parts read ‘ Mrs Barbour, with our love and gratitude, initials, xmas 1862′.

Size: 6.75 in. wide
4 in. deep
3.5 in. high
Retail Price: 4850.00

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