c.1865 Japanese Eight Day Lantern Clock

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c.1865 Japanese Eight Day Lantern Clock
Inv. #: G138



The wall mounted Shitan wood case has a removable glazed hood with engraved side frets.


The wonderfully engraved front plate has a rotating dial with a turned outside rim and sunken center, adjustable silvered engraved markers for the temporal ‘hours’, copper markers for the ‘half-hour’ marks and a steel hand. Below are the two apertures for the sexagenarian calendar.


The superb eight-day weight-driven movement has beautifully turned posts, engraved removable sides, finely shaped and turned brass wheelwork and is powered by a weight suspended by an endless cord on spiked barrels. Above is the brass balance wheel that is suspended by a silk thread, retains the original sliding weights and has a steel suspension spring that is regulated for fast/slow by small steel hand against an engraved scale. It strikes the hours, 9-4, and at the half-hours, 2 or 1, by a torsioned steel hammer on a bell mounted above.


The vast majority of these clocks are single day while this example runs a complete week.

Size: 8.5 in. (clock)
13.7 5in. (overall)
Retail Price: On Request

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