c.1870 English Scroll Frame Skeleton Clock.

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c.1870 English Scroll Frame Skeleton Clock.
Inv. #: e75

Evans of Handsworth


Late 19th century Evans’ scroll frame skeleton clock with a balance platform on a white marble base.


The silvered engraved decorative skeletonized dial has stylized Roman numerals for the hours and steel-cut tre-foil hands.


The heavy 8-day single fusee movement has elaborately skeletonized plates, shaped posts screwed at both ends and finely cut six spoke wheelwork. It has a gilt platform with a lever escapement, a spiral balance spring, the fast slow lever at the front, jewels top and bottom and a bimetallic balance wheel with both timing screws and compensation weights.


This frame from Evans was fitted with either a pendulum or balance platform.

We also currently have the same frame with a detent escapement and pendulum.


For more information on Evans see: ‘British Skeleton Clocks’ by Roberts, pg.126.

For a skeleton clock with similar frame see pg. 150.

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