c.1873 French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Mystery Desk Inkwell Compendium.

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c.1873 French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Mystery Desk Inkwell Compendium.
Inv. #: f211

E. Langerock, Paris.


The gilt-bronze case has a wide molded edge, stands on four stylized bun feet and has an engraved silvered plaque screwed to the front with ‘PA-VM, 13 Janvier 1875’.  Above are the two removable glass and silvered inkwells, a shaped pen stand, several finials and the clockwork dials set within a double steeple frame.


The time dial, set on one side of the shaped glass dial, has gilt Roman numerals for the hours and steel-cut spade hands. Below is an alcohol thermometer tube set against a gilt scale, in French, that shows the temperature in Fahrenheit and Centigrade.
On the other side is a gilt Barometer dial, in French, with a steel indicator hand.
Below is a mercury thermometer tube set against a Centigrade scale.


The eight day time only movement is housed in the base, elaborately skeletonized, retains the original cylinder escapement, is wound and set out the top using two of the decorative finials and is set beside the aneroid barometer movement. Both movements engage the dials above by rotating the thermometers while the simple calendar is advanced by a hidden linkage.


Set between the dials are silvered engraved subsidiary chapter ring dials for the date and day and a makers plaque that reads, ‘E. Langerock a Paris, Bd. De Sabastopol 1873, No. 2210’.


This unique piece is pictured in ‘Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clocks’, pg. 232.

Size: 9.75 in. (high)
11.5 in. (wide)
6.75 in. (deep)
Retail Price: sold

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