c.1875 English 8-day Exhibition Style Chronometer.

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c.1875 English 8-day Exhibition Style Chronometer.
Inv. #: g167

Movement – J. Poole, No. 4403.

Bailey, Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia, No. 712.


A late-19th century 8-day chronometer in a exhibition style brass inlayed Coromandel wood case. The movement was made by Poole, London and it is engraved with Bailey, Banks and Biddle on the dial where it sat in the window after 1878  to show the ‘çorrect time’.



The Coromandel case has inlayed brass strips that cover both the sides and the top edge.


The engraved silvered dial has Roman numerals for the hours, a up-down indicator for the wind, gold chronometer hands, a seconds chapter and is signed ‘Bailey, Banks & Biddle, Philadelphia, No. 712’.


The 8-day fusee time-only movement has etched plates, a detent escapement, screwed posts and is numbered 4403 in several places. The typical chronometer balance has Poole’s auxiliary compensation and a helical balance spring. It’s wound out the bottom of the tub by a ratcheted key.


The previous owner remembers the chronometer in the window of Bailey, Banks and Biddle to show ‘the correct time’.

Bailey, Banks & Biddle was established in 1878.

Size: Box -9in. sq.

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