c.1890 Extremely Rare French Animated Printing Press Industrial Clock.

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c.1890 Extremely Rare French Animated Printing Press Industrial Clock.
Inv. #: f125

An extremely rare late-nineteenth century gilt-bronze, patinated, silvered, coppered and red-marble animated industrial clock in the form of a printing press. The ‘I’ shaped frames have matted industrial green centers and gilt-bronze edges. Centered between the plates is a silvered carriage with gilt-bronze spoked wheels and one of two silvered engraved plates that represent the front page of a newspaper entitled ‘Le Petite Journal’. The other identical plate is mounted on the structure above. Between the plates are numerous rollers, levers and wheels commonly found on late-nineteenth century printing presses. The large coppered roller is positioned in the center and has two large gears mounted to the end while the smaller rollers are held in place by U-shaped brackets. On the front is a large spoked wheel, the on/off lever and a silvered bracket that illustrates where the pressman would stand. The clock is mounted above on the ‘paper stack’ while the aneroid barometer and the centigrade thermometer units are bracketed to the sides. The whole sits upon a red variegated marble base with a silvered engraved plaque that reads, ‘Machine à Imprimer Rotative’.

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