c.1890 French Industrial Lighthouse Clock.

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c.1890 French Industrial Lighthouse Clock.
Inv. #: f230

A late-Victorian French industrial lighthouse clock with a clock, barometer and two thermometers. The top revolves for about 8 hours on a single wind.


The silvered bronze case is shaped like an early lighthouse with decorative brickwork, silvered windows and door, a brickwork balustrade and a rotating top that has a clock, barometer and two thermometers. The whole sits upon a circular black Belgian marble base.


The silvered engraved clock dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic five-minute marks, steel cut hands and a sunken gilt bronze center.

The silvered circular aneroid barometer dial has a gilt hand to register the last reading and a steel cut hand to register the current barometric pressure.

The two engraved silver thermometer scales show the temperature in Fahrenheit and Centigrade/Reaumur.



The time-only clock movement has a balance wheel escapement with the fast/slow out the dial.


In the base is the spring driven animation movement that is wound through the hinged door and rotates the top for approximately eight hours per wind.


For additional reading on French Industrial clocks see: ‘Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clocks’ by Derek Roberts.

Size: 17 in.
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