c.1895 French Animated Bollard Lighthouse Clock.

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c.1895 French Animated Bollard Lighthouse Clock.
Inv. #: f310

A late-19th century French animated Bollard lighthouse clock with a double sided clock, barometer and thermometer. When wound the animation movement located in the base rotates the top for several hours.


The gilt, silvered and patinated bronze case is in the shape of a decorative bollard. The lower patinated section has nautically inspired mounts including an anchor, life preserver and block and tackle and and sits on a black Belgian marble base. The cylindrical top section has four columns that support a vaulted top and contains a clock with tandem clock dials, a barometer, thermometer and compass.


The painted silvered clock dials have Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the five-minute marks and steel-cut hands.
The engraved, silvered Centigrade thermometer dial has a semi-circular mercury tube and gilt center.
The painted silvered Barometer dial is in French and has all the typical indications.
The compass above has a printed cardboard dial.


The eight-day time only clock movement has the fast/slow out the front and a cylinder balance platform.
The animation movement is housed in the base, is wound out the back and rotates the top section for several hours when wound.


For a similar example see: ‘Mystery, Novelty and Fantasy Clocks’ by Roberts, pg.259.

Size: 20 in.
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