c.1895 French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Carriage Clock with Complications.

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c.1895 French Gilt and Silvered Bronze Carriage Clock with Complications.
Inv. #: f330

A.H.Rodanet, Paris – retailer


The silvered and gilt-bronze case has canted corners with reeded columns, a hinged handle and beveled glasses to 5 sides.


The dial has bone chapter rings with Arabic numbers for the hours, alarm and date, the days of the week in French, and steel-cut hands including the sweep second hand. The center of the hour chapter has an aperture for the moon-dial and is signed by the retailer, ‘A.H. Rodanet, 36 Rue Vivienne, Paris’.


The time and strike eight-day grand-sonnerie movement is wound and set off the backplate, has all the indications in French, is stamped by the retailer, ‘A.H. Rodanet, Paris’, is numbered 29398 curved around the lower post and still retains the original damascened high quality platform with a lever escapement. The strike sequences and the moon dial are adjusted by levers out the bottom.


Rodanet made chronometers and also sold a range of high quality clocks and watches from leading Swiss manufacturers such as Patek.

Auguste Hilaire Rodanet (1837-1907) was the son of Julien Hilaire Rodanet and the uncle of Henri Rodanet. Auguste was born on June 5, 1837 in Rochefort Sur Mer and was a watchmaker and retailer as well as Patek Philippe s representative in France. In 1858 he won a silver medal for a chronometer at the age of 21.
In 1886/1887 Rodanet wrote the book “L’horlogerie astronomique et civile. Ses usages – ses progrès – son enseignement à Paris”, which was published in 1903. In 1890 he founded the brand “Horlogerie Rodanet de Paris”. Auguste Hilaire Rodanet was mayor of the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris from 1904 to 1907 and president of the “Ecole d’Horlogerie”. Rodanet was also received into the Legion of Honour. He died 70 years old in 1907.


Rodanet trade card:


Size: 8 in. handle up.

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