c.1895 French Lantern Form Compendium Clock

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c.1895 French Lantern Form Compendium Clock
Inv. #: f239

A rare late-19th century clock in the form of a hanging lantern that is suspended from above and also incorporates both a barometer and moon dial.


The tortoise veneered case has numerous gilt-bronze mounts that include decorative appliques, moldings and a pineapple finial.


The cast decorative gilt-bronze time dial has Arabic five-minute marks, porcelain cartouche plaques with blue Roman numerals for the hours and decorative patinated hands.

The engraved moon dial is decorated with scrolling foliage and shows the painted moon traveling across a night sky.

The decorative gilt-bronze barometer dial has porcelain cartouche indicator plaques, Arabic numbers and a steel-cut indicator hand.


The eight-day time and strike movement has a Brocot suspension, strikes on a gong and advances the moondial once per day.



For the only other known example see: The Joseph Meraux Sale, Sotheby’s, 1993, Lot 253.

Size: 22 in.
Retail Price: $ 26,000.

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