c.1895 French Steam Hammer Industrial Clock.

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c.1895 French Steam Hammer Industrial Clock.
Inv. #: f312

GLT # 679


The multi-finish case depicts a steam hammer from the industrial period and stands on a black Belgian marble base. When running, the pendulum rises and falls.


The multi-piece gilt and silvered bronze case has patinated textured panels and stands on a Belgian marble base. It depicts the large steam hammers used in the factories of the industrial revolution.


The silvered bronze dial has applied gilt-bronze Roman numerals for the hours and spade style hands with the clocks serial number inscribed on the back.


The eight-day time and strike movement has the trademark stamps for Japy Freres and GLT along with the serial number, 679, on the backplate. The pendulum is suspended from an ingenious mechanism that translates the side to side motion of the movement to the rise and fall motion of the pendulum. The fast/slow is under the rear cylinder.


A great example of both the whimsy and skill of the French clockmaking industry at the end of the 19th century.



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