c.1885 French Polished Brass World Time Globe Clock.

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c.1885 French Polished Brass World Time Globe Clock.
Inv. #: f222

Smith & Sons, 604.


The circular brass base and turned cast column support the globe, dial and the silvered brass ball that represents the sun.


The polished brass indicator is secured at the top by a decorative finial with a knurled edge and can be adjusted to indicate the time at a chosen meridian against an engraved equatorial dial with Roman numerals for the hours.


The detailed six inch globe is labeled in English, has longitude and latitude lines and has ‘Patent 19460, The Empire Clock, cable’ on an oval label.


The eight-day time only movement is housed in the base, has a lever escapement and is wound, set and adjusted out the bottom.


The bottom is stamped ‘Made in France’ and ‘604’.

Early examples were made in France for the English market and retailed by established firms like Smith and Sons. Apparently Smith and Sons became more prominent as the word ‘cable’ on the earlier labels was replaced with ‘Smith and Sons’ later in the production.

Size: 12 in.
Retail Price: sold

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