c.1895 Swiss Quarter-Repeat Carriage Clock.

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c.1895 Swiss Quarter-Repeat Carriage Clock.
Inv. #: g166

A finely engraved miniature carriage clock with superb polychrome enamel panels and a high quality movement with push-button quarter repeat.


The miniature gilt-bronze Canalee cased carriage clock is elaborately engraved and chased and has wonderfully detailed enamel panels to three sides. The blue guilloche panels are adorned with finely detailed polychrome cupids in various states of play.


The gilt-bronze dial set within the front panel has black Roman numerals for the hours and elaborate steel-cut hands.


The eight-day movement has silvered plates, a horizontally mounted lever platform, is wound and set out the backplate and has a push-button 1/4 repeat.


The bottom plate has numerous inscribed repair dates.

Size: 3 in. w/out handle.
Retail Price: on request.

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