c.1898 French World Time Orrey Clock.

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c.1898 French World Time Orrey Clock.
Inv. #: F191

Charles Requier a Paris.


The mahogany octagonal case has molded edges top and bottom, a silvered plaque, brass feet and a mechanical orrey above.




Below the ivory ball that represents the sun are horizontally oriented concentric silvered engraved dials. The solid plate below is engraved with the maker’s signature and for whom the piece was made, ‘Charles Requier Horologer a Paris Par L’Ambassade D’Angleterre en France’. Above sits a 24-hour dial that rotates against a ring with cities from the 24 time zones. Once set, a quick glance at the city shows the proper time and also what the time is in the other twenty three time zones.

The hour ring also carries a long brass bar that is partially supported by a spoked wheel. To one side sits the silvered engraved date dial with Arabic numbers for the days and a steel cut indicator hand. To the other is the detailed globe that rotates as the clock runs, is signed by the maker, ‘Philips’ in a cartouche, is in English and shows the geographical world as known around 1895. Orbiting the globe is an ivory moon with a silvered engraved 29.5 day lunar dial.


The eight-day time only movement is housed in the case, is wound and adjusted for fast slow out the side, has thick plates and a vertically mounted lever platform.


Charles Requier was a highly respected horologer whose achievements included a prize in ‘The Paris Exhibition of 1878’, was a juror in the ‘Eposition Universelle de 1889’, was the president of ‘La Federation Horologere’ and had several partnerships including one with Delettrez.

The English Ambassador to France in 1898 was Sir Edmund Monson.

Size: 17in. high
17in. diameter
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