c.1900 French Animated Lighthouse Clock.

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c.1900 French Animated Lighthouse Clock.
Inv. #: f313

A very nice late 19th century gilt and silvered bronze animated lighthouse clock. The gilt bronze case is shaped like an early lighthouse with decorative brickwork, a cast balustrade and several windows and a door. The whole sits upon a circular black Belgian marble base


The engraved silvered chapter ring clock dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the five-minute marks and steel cut hands.

The engraved silver barometer dial has the three major indications along a segmented circular scale.

To the sides are Fahrenheit, Reamur and Centigrade thermometers with alcohol and mercury tubes on silvered scales.


The eight-day time only movement is wound out the front and is adjusted for fast slow off the backplate.

The animation movement is located in the base, is wound through the door and rotates the top for several hours.

Size: 17 in.
Retail Price: on request

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