c.1900 French Sterling Silver Compendium.

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c.1900 French Sterling Silver Compendium.
Inv. #: f225

Retailer: Kendall, Paris.


The Silver Cube has a hinged handle above and features a clock, compass, engraved Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales, a monthly calendar and a barometer.


The barometer, compass and clock dials are all matt gilt, glazed and feature black lettering. The thermometer and calendar have engraved scales with the calendar having adjustable ivory month and day features. The barometer is mounted in a hinged door that affords access to the movement.


The eight-day time only movement is wound and set off the backplate, has a balance escapement with the platform mounted above and is stamped ‘553’.

Size: 2.5in. (w/out handle)
Retail Price: SOLD

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