c. 1900 Large American Mahogany Gallery Clock

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c. 1900 Large American Mahogany Gallery Clock
Inv. #: G140

Seth Thomas


The large decorative mahogany case has a glazed front door that is hinged at the top and has a gilt-wood reflecting ring.


The large painted dial has stylized Arabic numbers for the hours, a minute chapter with diamond five-minute marks, large decorative hands including the counterweighted minute hand, arbors for the fast/slow adjustment and the pendulum start and is signed ‘Seth Thomas, USA’.


The large brass time only 30-day spring driven movement is mounted to the back board, has two running springs, an anchor escapement and a pendulum with wooden rod and brass bob.


Seth Thomas is one of America’s oldest clock manufacturers.

Size: 31.5 in. (overall diameter)
Retail Price: sold

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