c.1910 Bronze and Variegated Marble Industrial Car Clock.

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c.1910 Bronze and Variegated Marble Industrial Car Clock.
Inv. #: f178

The maroon lacquered bronze panels and fenders are highlighted by gilt and silvered bronze trim, coppered lights to the front and roof uprights, silvered horn, brake levers and leaf springs and a gilt and silvered bronze sloping hood. The underside of the limousine has coppered exhaust pipes, a differential and the actual driving arbors for the wheels. The four automated black wheels are set on steel spoked rims with gilt and silvered hubs and are apparently driven by the steel ladder chain that runs from a sprocket mounted to the real axel to an engine pulley. Folded silk decorates the glazed windows and the whole stands on four turned gilt bronze stands supported by a black variegated marble base on gilt-bronze feet.

Size: Height - 12in.
Width - 17.5in.
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