c.1913 American Gilt-Bronze and Malachite Annular Clock

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c.1913 American Gilt-Bronze and Malachite Annular Clock
Inv. #: G119

EF Caldwell, New York.
Chelsea, 760316.


The tiered columnar case is constructed of alternating malachite and gilt bronze platforms, is adorned with numerous gilt bronze elements including caryatids, dolphins, masks and a cupid and is signed by the maker, ‘EF Caldwell & Co. Inc., New York’ .


The circular porcelain dial has black Roman numerals and a minute chapter.


The eight-day time only movement is would out the side, set from below, is stamped with the movement maker’s name and serial number, ‘Chelsea, 76036’ and has a typically high grade balance platform.


Edward F. Caldwell and Victor F. von Lossberg established the firm of E.F. Caldwell & Co. in 1901 in lower New York City. They produced a large array of high-end decorative items including lamps and clocks for the most prominent design and architecture firms in the country.

For further information on the company see ‘Edward F. Caldwell & Company’, Magazine Antiques, Feb. 1998.

All the Caldwell clocks we have seen have used Chelsea, Seth Thomas, Howard or Omega movements with Chelsea and Omega being the most abundant and Seth Thomas and Howard being considerably rarer.


The Chelsea serial number 76036 dates to about 1913.

Size: 20.5 in. high
Retail Price: $ 17,000.

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