c.1935 American 16-inch Library Globe by Replogle, Chicago

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c.1935 American 16-inch Library Globe by Replogle, Chicago
Inv. #: G20

A very nice pre-World War II 16-inch library globe made by Replogle. The large globe is extremely detailed and includes distances between major cities, currents in the larger bodies of water, a detailed labeling of the topography and is signed and dated by the manufacturer.


This particular model has a fully numbered cast meridian and not only spins, but can also be rotated upwards to examine the South Pole. The globe is cradled in an exceptionally well made mahogany Regency-style stand with patinated brass claw feet.


Replogle Globes was founded in 1930 by Luther Irwin Replogle. Originally located in Chicago, Illinois, they developed the concept of ‘a globe in every home.’


Size: Height - 39in.
Retail Price: $ 4,500.

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