c.1943 Very Rare WWII Torpedo Detonation Timer

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c.1943 Very Rare WWII Torpedo Detonation Timer
Inv. #: g158

A very rare WWII Torpedo Detonation Timer in the original hardwood box with original instructions and key.


The hardwood case has jointed and screwed corners, a hinged and latched top with Japanese characters in black and red on the exterior and the original printed instructions on the interior and a plaque on the front with Japanese characters, several numbers and stamps that indicate naval service.


Fitted and secured by two screws inside is the steel timing mechanism that is wound and set with the original key.


This device would have been used to scuttle a submarine; it would be inserted into the nose of a torpedo in place of its normal impact pin or proximity fuse, and set to give the crew 36 minutes to abandon ship.


For another similar example see:


Size: 6.5 in. wide, 4.25 in. high, 5.75in. deep.
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