c.1965 Swiss Solar Clock by Montre Royale.

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c.1965 Swiss Solar Clock by Montre Royale.
Inv. #: g165

Montre Royale


A rare mid-century multi-dial solar clock by the Swiss firm Montre Royale.


The textured gilt-case has a circular base with 14 solar panels. It stands on a triangular pedestal with adjustable feet and supports a pyramid with 3 dials.


The three dials are all linked to a single movement and can be set to the same time or for specific time zones. The simple hands and 15-minute markers are patinated while the dials are in a brushed gold.


The watch movement sits horizontally at the base of the pyramid and connects to the dials via motion work mounted to the back of each dial. The bottom of the pyramid carries the fast/slow wheel, the time-set knob and a wind indicator that shows when the spring is wound down.


There are two solar powered motors in the clock. One is in the round base which has a simple logic board inside and spins so the small arrow faces toward the brightest light. The second is in the pyramid and winds the watch spring.

The spring winding motor requires about 800 mV to wind the spring. On a very sunny day the panels were only producing 600 mV. We ended up putting a small battery pack in the base to power the upper motor. The lower motor is still completely powered by the panels. The battery pack was installed so it can be very easily restored back to its original design with no adverse effects.

In 1969 the citizens of Geneva gave one of these clocks to each of the crew of Apollo 11.

Solar panels have 3 65 printed on the backs.





Size: 12 in. high.
11 in. wide
Retail Price: on request

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