c.1973 Dent Copy of Strutt Epicyclic Skeleton Clock.

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c.1973 Dent Copy of Strutt Epicyclic Skeleton Clock.
Inv. #: e76


Originally designed by W. Wigston and W. Strutt c.1820.


An early 1970’s example by Dent of one of Strutt’s epicyclic skeleton clocks.


The skeletonized dial has white Arabic numbers for the hours, black dots for the minutes and steel cut hands.


The single fusee movement has heavy chamfered plates with large screwed posts at the ends of the c-scrolls,  an anchor escapement, a pendulum with lenticular bob suspended from a steel suspension and adjusted by a rating screw and finely spoked wheelwork with the epicyclic planetary gear at the front.


Dent produced a limited edition of 100 Strutt clocks.

The top of the backplate has ‘Made in England’ and two stylized signatures for Wigston and Whitmire.

It still retains the original brass bound glass cover.


For a complete discussion on epicyclic gearing, Strutt and several different copies including Dent’s see: ‘British Skeleton Clocks’, Roberts, pgs. 160-169.

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