Early 18th Century French Half-Quarter Repeating Oignon Watch.

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Early 18th Century French Half-Quarter Repeating Oignon Watch.
Inv. #: p172

P Joseph Stasinon, a Tournay


The silver case has elaborate floral engraving and is partially fretted.


The white porcelain dial has blue Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the five minute marks, steel cut hands and an inner quarter’s chapter.


The large swing-out movement has ormolu plates and Egyptian pillars, a fusee for the time train that is wound out the dial, a steel balance wheel with a verge escapement. The backplate has a silver bridge-cock, a fast/slow adjustment and is signed ‘P Joseph Stasinon, a Tournay’. It incorporates a half-quarter strike mechanism that is wound by pushing down the stem and has a single hammer that strikes the bell inside the case.


Half-quarter repeating watches strike, on demand. the last hour, quarter and will add another strike if the minute hand is past the halfway point of the quarter.

Size: Diameter - 60mm.

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