Early 19th century Giant Petit-Sonnerie Carriage Clock

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Early 19th century Giant Petit-Sonnerie Carriage Clock
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Bourdin Hr du Roi, Rue de la Paix 24, a Paris.


An early 19th century giant engraved gilt-bronze petit-sonnerie carriage clock by Bourdin with subsidiary dials for date and alarm.


The large gilt-bronze rectilinear case has elaborate floral and geometric engraving, a decorative swivel handle, two doors and beveled glasses to 5 sides.


The large porcelain dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic numbers for the alarm and date subsidiary dials, steel Breguet-style hands and is signed ‘Bourdin Hr Du Roi, Rue de la Paix, 24, a Paris’.


The large two train movement is wound and set off the backplate where it also carries the strikework, has a strike/silent feature and an alarm. Nested in the base are two bells that are struck by torsional hammers and above is a wonderfully engraved decorative gilt lever balance platform. It strikes the quarters at the quarters, the hour at the hour and both quarters and hours when the repeat button is pressed. The calendar is simple so on short months the indicator hand needs to be advanced for the start of the next month.


Bourdin is highly revered by Charles Allix who includes in his book the piece Bourdin made for the 1855 Exhibition.


Tardy lists Bourdin as working at Rue de la Paix 1840-1860.

Size: Height - 7.875 handle down
9.875 in. handle up.
Retail Price: sold

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