Late-19th Century Three-Grace Annular Clock. F331

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Late-19th Century Three-Grace Annular Clock. F331
Inv. #: f331

The large gilt-bronze case depicts the ‘Three Graces’ draped in garlands supporting a large patinated sphere with a removeable top and adorned with decorative appliques and Cupid sitting amongst billowing clouds and holding a torch. They are supported by a triangular shaped white marble base that is also adorned with appliques and stands on 3 decorative feet.


The minute and hour cartouche annular dials have Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic five-minute marks for the minutes. The time is indicated by a decorative blued steel pointer.


The horizontally mounted square time and strike 8-day movement is housed in the sphere, has a lever escapement and is wound and regulated off the frontplate. This example also has a small lever to resynchronize the strike train.

Size: 30.5in. high

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