Early 19th Century French ‘Au Bon Savage’ Clock, ‘Paul and Virginia’.

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Early 19th Century French ‘Au Bon Savage’ Clock, ‘Paul and Virginia’.
Inv. #: P164

A very rare French blackamoor or ‘au bon savage’ clock originally inspired by the novel ‘Paul and Virginia’ written in 1788 by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre.


The well modeled patinated figures with ormolu skirts, porcelain eyes and glass earrings carry the platform supporting Paul and Virginia accompanied by their dog.  The blackamoor figures stand upon an ormolu rockwork ground that sits upon a shaped base decorated with floral appliqués framing a recessed plaque depicting two figures sailing a boat in turbulent seas. Suspended from the platform are vines covered in berries, a jug, a basket of flowers and the clock.


The finely lettered porcelain dial has Roman numerals for the hours, Arabic 15-minute marks, cast ormolu hands and a cast ormolu bezel.


The eight-day two-train movement still retains its original silk-thread suspension and strikes on a bell.


‘Paul and Virginia’ was written in 1788 by the well-known novelist Bernardin de Saint-Pierre. Along with the other philosophers and novelists of the period he advocated that society merely corrupted people and that it is the life closer to nature, in attitude and in practice, that produces the good, natural man.


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‘French Bronze Clocks’, pg. 152

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Size: 18.5 in. high
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