c. 1885 Giant Grande-Sonnerie Gorge Cased Carriage Clock.

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c. 1885 Giant Grande-Sonnerie Gorge Cased Carriage Clock.
Inv. #: f254

HL – Movement

Hamann and Koch, New York – Retailers


A superb quality late-19th century giant gorge-cased grande-sonnerie carriage clock retailed by Hamann & Koch, New York.


The well-proportioned giant gilt-bronze gorge case has crisp molded edges, a hinged handle and beveled glasses to 5 sides including the top that also incorporates an engine-turned mask.


The large well-lettered white porcelain time dial has black Roman numerals for the hours, red Arabic 15-minute marks, steel-cut spade hands and is signed by the retailer, ‘ Hamann and Koch, New York’. The alarm dial sits below and has black Arabic numbers for the hours, red dots for the half-hour marks and a fine steel-cut hand. They are framed by a gilt-bronze engine-turned mask that has burnished edges around the dials and compliments the one above.


The large grande-sonnerie striking eight-day movement, stamped 1813, has massive posts screwed to the front plate, a large gilt-bronze lever platform above, the strike control lever out the bottom, is wound and set off the backplate and has the indications engraved in English with the trademark for Hamann & Koch, New York displayed on an engraved silvered plaque screwed to the backplate. The clock strikes the hours, 1/2 hours and quarters on two gongs, but strikes the alarm on a bell.


Case and Movement carry same number – ‘1813’.

Hamann and Koch, established in 1868, were located at 5 Maiden Lane, NYC. The were importers of French bronzes, clocks, dutch clocks, Swiss watches and high quality jewelry.

We can not remember seeing another similar carriage clock incorporating both gongs and a bell and think it was most likely a special order,


Original Finish..


Size: 8in, w/out handle,
Retail Price: SOLD

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