Large Late 19th-Century 45-Day Vienna Regulator. G173

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Large Late 19th-Century 45-Day Vienna Regulator. G173
Inv. #: g173

The large glazed faux and real rosewood case has shaped canted front corners and elaborate multi-metal inlay.


The two-piece porcelain dial has a sunken center, brass bezels, Roman numerals for the hours, fine steel-cut hands and a beautifully shaped outside escapement.


The A-shaped 45-day weight-driven time-only movement has maintaining power, jeweled pivots for the escape and 2nd wheels, screwed posts, jeweled pallets and is mounted into the case by two large knurled screws. The zinc and steel compensating grid-iron pendulum has a large brass lenticular bob, a porcelain regulation plaque, is suspended by a spring from the brass movement holder and is set for beat by a screwed beat adjustment.


The previous owner replaced the weight with a longer slimmer one which he felt improved the aesthetics, but decreased the running time to 30 days.

Size: Height - 66 in.
Bezel Diameter - 10.25 in.

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