Late 18th century English and Japanese Fusee Watch.

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Late 18th century English and Japanese Fusee Watch.
Inv. #: g149

Miller, London, 101

Unknown Japanese Watchmaker


A late 18th century elaborately skeletonized pair cased pocket watch with both western and Japanese dials fitted in the original decorative green horn outer case with pique decoration.


The two chapter ring dials are fitted concentrically and have beetle and poker hands. The western dial is porcelain and has Roman numerals for the hours and Arabic numbers for the five-minute marks. The traditional Japanese dial has engraved register marks and adjustable silvered engraved markers for the temporal ‘hours’.


The elaborately engraved and skeletonized fusee movement has a verge escapement, column pillars, is wound out the dial, has a steel balance with five spokes, a matching footed cock that carries the regulator and diamond end stone and is signed ‘Miller, London, 101’.


This was a very nice skeletonized English watch that must have spent some time in Japan where one of the watchmakers improved on the watch and added the small temporal dial.

Size: 1 7/16 in. dial diameter.

2.25 in. (stirrup down)
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