c.1910 Gilt, Silvered, Coppered and Patinated Bronze and Variegated Automated Marble Car Clock.

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c.1910 Gilt, Silvered, Coppered and Patinated Bronze and Variegated Automated Marble Car Clock.
Inv. #: f255

An exceptionally rare early 20th century automated car industrial clock.


The case, in the shape of an early 20th century car, has silvered, gilt-bronze and coppered bronze decorative mounts and stands on four turned patinated supports on a black variegated marble base with gilt-bronze feet. The underside of the car has coppered exhaust pipes, a differential and the driving arbors for the wheels. The four automated black wheels are set on steel spoked rims with gilt and silvered hubs and are apparently driven by the steel ladder chain that runs from a sprocket mounted to the real axel to an engine pulley. Folded light green silk decorates the glazed windows.


The white porcelain clock dial has bold well-lettered black Roman numerals for the hours, a minutes chapter and spade steel cut hands.

The aneroid barometer is mounted just below the clockwork and has a fitted gilt-bronze bezel with a beveled glass and steel and brass indicator hands. The engraved silver scale has barometric pressures listed from 27-31 and the normal weather indications with ‘Change’ centered at 29.5.

The Fahrenheit thermometer is mounted in the passenger side door, has a beveled glass, a curved mercury tube with bulbous end and a silvered engraved scale showing degrees.


The time-only eight day clock movement is mounted in the door, has a lever escapement, a gilt-bronze hinged bezel with a beveled glass and the winding arbor out the dial.

Housed in the cab area is a separate animation movement that has a large spring barrel mechanism, a fly wheel governor and is wound out that back. The winding arbor is found under the hinged, silvered license plate engraved ‘CH1021’. Once wound, the movement will drive the wheels for approximately three hours.


‘CH’ is stamped into several components and was probably either the maker or bronzer. We have seen the same ‘CH’ stamped on other bronze clocks unrelated to the industrial series.

The car design is similar to some of the limousines made during the first decade of the 20th century.


For a video of the clock running see our Youtube video.

Size: 17.25 in. wide
12.5 in. high.

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