Qianlong Period Chinese Time and Alarm Drum Clock.

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Qianlong Period Chinese Time and Alarm Drum Clock.
Inv. #: g168

Rare late-18th century Qianlong period Chinese time and alarm drum clock. The bronze case has decorative fretwork incorporating the dragon motif and the movement and dial are secured via a keyway. The one-day double twin-fusee movement has the steel balance wheel planted on the engraved backplate. It employs a verge-like escapement and is wound through the bottom of the case and the large bell. The 24-hour porcelain hour chapter frames a center wheel that carries the hand and an aperture to set the alarm. Once set and wound the two steel hammers hit the bell until the spring unwinds.




We believe the stand to be a purpose made later addition.


For similar examples see:

‘The Seiko Timepiece Collection’, pg.87

‘Çlocks and Watches of the Qing Dynasty’, pg. 40.


Size: Case diameter is 4.5 in.
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