Rare French Glass-Plate Skeleton Clock with Remontoire Strike.

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Rare French Glass-Plate Skeleton Clock with Remontoire Strike.
Inv. #: p170

Rare French long running glass-plate skeleton clock with remontoire strike in purpose made case.


The thick glass plate is adorned with well-cast decorative ormolu mounts and is supported by a shaped red variegated marble base.


The white porcelain chapter ring dial has Arabic numbers for the hours and 15-minute marks and blued steel Lepine style hands.


The long-running movement has exceptionally thin and finely finished wheelwork suspended between brass straps and the glass. It’s powered by spring mounted in the center of a large great wheel with y-shaped spokes. Above, behind the motion work, is the spring-powered count-wheel striking mechanism. It is powered by a small rementoire spring rewound a few minutes before each strike and strikes an under slung bell by torsion. The pinwheel escapement has a single steel arm carrying both pallets. The pendulum has a steel rod and brass lenticular bob and knife-edge suspension. It’s adjusted for fast-slow by a grading nut below and for beat by a screwed beat adjustment on the crutch.


For additional information on glass-plate skeleton clocks see: Roberts, ‘Continental and American Skeleton Clocks’, pg. 81.

Size: Height of Clock - 17.75 in.
Width of Clock - 11 in.
Retail Price: SOLD

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