c.1876 French Quarter-Striking Carriage Clock – Breguet

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c.1876 French Quarter-Striking Carriage Clock – Breguet
Inv. #: f323

Breguet  # 5257

Stamped Soldano on the underside of the platform.


c.1876 French eight-day gorge-cased quarter-repeating carriage clock by Breguet, #5257.


The gilt-bronze case with original gold in typical gorge-cased form is stamped on the underside ‘440’ and ‘1275’.


The white porcelain dial has Roman numerals for the hours, steel-cut Breguet-style hands and is signed ‘Breguet, 5257’.


The eight-day movement has all the indications in both French and English, has a blank stamp where the the trade-mark stamp for the ebauche maker was scrubbed, is numbered ‘1275’ and ‘440’, is engraved ‘Breguet, 5257’ and strikes the quarters on a bell. Above sits the balance platform with a lever escapement and a beautifully engine-turned mask. The underside is stamped Soldano.



Paris Exhibitions, Bronze Medals 1855 and 1878 for carriage clocks.  “The Exhibition of this establishment showed substantial progress in the art of case decoration.  On show were a group of carriage clocks ornamented with great taste and originality.  The finish of these movements was conventional, but the escapements appeared to us to have been treated with particular care.  Several items merited the highest praise.”  (Revue Chronométrique, 1880, p.70, report on 1878 Exhib.)


An Official Breguet Attestation from 2010 states that this clock was completed in 1876 and sold to M. Daupius for 450 FF.


Size: 6.5 in. to top of handle

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